Finger Lakes SunsetSo I sat down expecting to focus on something profound like creation, or mindfulness, or principals of this or that belief system.  But something happened I did not expect.  As I began to write, and allowed myself to take in the sounds around me, I pictured Indiana Jones and Chewbacca face to face.  Both perplexed, both wondering if friend or foe.  I quietly circled around them, tipping my head to one side and the other as I analyzed the situation.  Where was Han Solo?  It took me a minute to snap out of it.

I noticed something in this distraction.  It is difficult to center myself when I have to focus on something important and something I am fearful of.  Beginning this blog, and letting hundreds of potential readers know about this, is scary.  This is where mindfulness does come into play for me.  It is about centering ourselves, using the sequences of slow breaths, counting, deliberately noticing our body, our thoughts, our feelings, and being accepting of exactly where we are at.  The important thing is to be patient, and then come back to focus when ready.

I am beginning this blog with the central focus being on mental health and emotional well being, and how it is in relationship with our spirituality and belief systems.  My goal is that it will be a bit more organized and structured than my own daily life. (If you know me personally, you know I am really challenging myself here!)

So, the plan: This will be shared each Sunday.  Each post will start with a topic named, a shared story or narrative, a conversation with someone who has professional and/or personal experience related to the topic, life lessons that might be taken away, and tips/strategies/resources we might use in our daily lives. I hope that it becomes a safe place where ideas are shared and thoughts expressed, openly and with respect. I hope that each week we will leave with a bit of new perspective on the importance of spirituality and how it can be an important part of our overall well-being.

-Photograph, courtesy of Madelyn Thomsen, Otisco Lake, July 2016


  1. May this day be the first of many where you share your wisdom, sensitivity, love and compassion with others – sending and receiving the energy of exchange – always going toward equilibrium with patience.

  2. I like your ideas. There is so much to notice if we allow ourselves to be quiet. Sometimes we need permission to just sit and do that! Best wishes on this journey!

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